Rhondda ARS AGM Update

Following our AGM on the 17th April, we have elected the following committee members

Chairperson – Rhys Griffiths (GW0DIV)
Treasurer – John Howells (GW4BUZ)
Secretary & Activities Officer – Carol Hodson (MW6KJX)
Webmaster & Shack Manager – Mark Stevenson (MW6KJZ)
Exam Secretary – Paul Day (MW0PDB)

The following persons were elected to the committee as Ordinary Members

John Hodson (MW6HDV)
Elwyn Edwards (MW0SKD)


A motion was proposed by Brain Jones (GW6ZYI) to move our Ordinary General Meetings from 3-monthly to monthly… The motion was passed, our next OGM will be held on 1st May 2018 at 19:30, a Committee meeting will be held beforehand to discuss and pass any motions prior to the OGM.

Designed and Hosted by Mark Stevenson (2W0YMS)